Who We Are

Our experience together has made our company one we would buy from–easy and painless. No minimums, no setup fees, no middlemen. Our collective mix of experience in a multitude of industries (including recreational mixed martial arts); has provided us with the foundation for creating a branding company.

Adam started the company back in 2011, working with a cutter and heat press out of a small basement in his apartment. His experience in construction and custom craftsmanship easily transferred to the design and promotional industry. After years of leading the decal purchases on Amazon, he knew online sales weren’t going to carry the company to the level it needed to be at. In June 2016, Kerry joined as 50% partner.

Kerry worked in marketing and purchased promotional gear/accessories… looked at the pain points of buying, and formed the structure of how we operate. This led us to finding a unique position in the market specific to the transportation industry. Our in-house Outlet & Uniform ordering program has made it easy for our customers’ staff to order directly online.

Hammered Ink then became Hammered Ink Corp. as of January 2019, grew by another 256% and paved the path for more expansion.

Our Team


Adam has always been a self-starter – working as a contractor for many years on his own and then starting a business out of his small apartment, becoming a leading seller for decals on Amazon. His artistic abilities easily resonated with his new transition into custom promotions.   He is responsible for all of the production, having been experienced working with his hands, this was a natural fit. He spends his time working in the shop setting up artwork files, creating designs, decorating products, processing orders, packaging, shipping, and much more.


Kerry is the Co-President of Hammered Ink, she has worked in marketing for the last 9 years, and recently made the change to sales before jumping head first into entrepreneurship. Her passion was none other than being able to run her own company. She started a small venture during college and then another side business while working full time in marketing. She met Adam Horncastle, a small business owner, who needed someone with marketing and sales experience. In June 2018, she became part owner of Hammered Ink. She now owns and works in the company full time, in charge of new business development, account management, marketing/sales, and finance.